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Hulu sucks you csn only stream some things through web WTF and you dont let people go back to the very begining WTF this has got to be the worst 8 dollars of my lufe ever spent ive never been this upset that i spent money you should reallt fix yoyr problems Add comment

Why the he'll do I pay to watch fuking SAME *** commercials for 5 frigin minutes So I can have what I'm watching interrupted every 10 *** minutes? And they don't even have all the seasons of what I want to watch. Why pay to watch the same annoying commercials when I can do that FOR FREE??? HULU PLUS SUCKS!!!!!!! Add comment

I canceled it first I had to get pass the commercials.. why would you have commercials when I have to pay my money.. but thats not the worst of it! they don't have all the episodes or all seasons and if you miss about for weeks you will start at episode 5 and if there's 3 seasons you only get 1.. I'm sorry I had so much to say but I tell everyone i know not to purchase it Add comment

I subscribed to their "free service", note the quotation marks, yet apparently, when you cancel their automated subscription (seriously why the *** is this their only option as opposed to pay per month), they will not only cancel your subscription ON THE EXACT DATE despite them saying that your subscription lasts one month, like any other REGULAR pay per month service (like netflix), they will... Read more

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I am trying to watch the newest season of Pretty Little Liars Season 5 which aired June 10th 2014, today is July 6th 2014 almost 1 month has passed since the premiere and your online site is telling me that they video is not available because it has not aired. Obviously the episodes I am trying to watch have already aired and Hulu is already posting new episodes which are also marked as... Read more

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Shuts off every 2 minutes. Unable to watch anything. I tried it on more than one device. I hate being a annoyed trying to watch anything. Add comment

This isn't clearly as good as Netflix , been using on my ps3 the Internet connection is horrible. Unable to play every 5 minutes and freezing all the time , never had a problem with Netflix. The ads are also a waste of time why are we paying for this when their making money off playing ads lol Add comment

After several weeks of email correspondence of requesting a supervisor to call me and supplying my phone number all I would get were madding emails saying, " let us know if there is anything else I can do for you". They never did anything for me at all. The disingenuous replys just seemed to highlight the true lack of concern for the customer. Finally after over seven emails I was invited to... Read more

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Don't pay for hulu plus you will regret it. Me and my girlfriend got it so we could watch it on the wii instead of the ipad but a bunch of the shows we watch are marked "web only" so you're basically paying them to tell you to use the free version of hulu. Think paying means no ads? Wrong. You get the same amount of ads as the free version which basically means they're making double the money... Read more

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