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Hulu Plus
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I don't need to tell you why it sucks because everybody already knows why. Reason I'm leaving this comment is I see a lot of people are getting charged after they have cancelled their subscription. This is illegal. If you go to Clark Howard's website go under search and under letters you will find a sample letter that you can take to your bank and they must make them stop charging your bank card.... Read more

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This is an absolute joke. I have a massive high speed router and my hulu spends more time loading and freezing than actual time playing the selected show. Another problem is commercials... Really??? It's a paid service and your still going to make me suffer through the same garbage as cable tv?? Nope, not me. I received this free 6 month trial after purchasing a Bose sound system with a new tv... Read more

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Really, are you *** serious? Commercials. I pay you idiots a fee to watch programs. Are you toads familiar with Netflix. What a trashy service you offer. Also, the same *** commercials run over and over and over ad infinitum, ad nauseum. What, in the name of a merciful god, does that accomplish? You *** *** me the *** off. Bye Add comment


How come My PS3, and IPhone AND my PC wont allow me to log into Hulu plus? I call them starting at 9am PST once every hour to record them stating there CLOSED. I cant reset my password, I cant cancel my account, I'm essentially locked out of a service or goods that Ive paid for and have rightful access to. Its BBB time, let them deal with them. And last I checked, no announcement of hackers, so... Read more

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Why am I seeing 3-4 ads (it used to be 1-2 with unpaid subscription), still paying monthly, and literally nothing I watch is on there? They have old seasons for popular shows but nothing current. I think I'll stick to ad free Netflix. Add comment

The idea of hulu plus is a great idea, but I feel like this is a scam. It freezes,go black with audio still playing, if I stop the program and go back, it will start the program over.I called and this guy told me turn off my internet and clean apps on my fire TV, I had to start all over again by 're-sighning in to my fire. This need to be fixed Add comment


Someone literally *gave* me 3 months Hulu Plus subscription for helping them out with something online. And yet I'm pissed off with it. Literally a thank you e-mail would have been nicer, because with a simple e-mail you get what you expect. With Hulu Plus, however, you get ads, then some ads, and yet more ads. After the ads you get ads. Aside from the ads there are a few ads. And remember, this... Read more

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I am getting Spanish commercials on my hulu plus. I pay for my service and I want it all in English! We live in the US! Not mexico. Add comment


Hulu would have been a fine site to stream movies and tv shows. I am a college student and I almost never have the opportunity to watch my favorite shows when they air on tv. I believe the price is reasonable, and I honestly do not even mind the commercials (that much.) However, what I do mind is the fact that with in, literally, every single episode (video) I've watched, the video will restart... Read more

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