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Hulu Plus
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I can never sit and just watch a show, it takes two to three hours to try and watch a one hour show. You finally get so frustrated that you just cut it off. like others, I pay a pretty penny for internet speed, so I know it's not my equipment, besides this only happens on hulu, I can go to other sites, free I might add and watch videos all day long with no stoppage at all. So why am I paying... Read more

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Hulu is the hardest company to contact. I cancelled my acct months ago, but yet i got charged on my Visa yesterday. Now i can't contact anyone!!! Add comment


when I signed up for Hulu it was to see Monday night raw and Friday night smackdown. You advertise booth Monday night raw and Friday night smackdown live when I turned it on last night I found out tour showing them booth a week behind.i thought Monday night raw and Friday night smackdown would be shown on the night it happens not a week behind I don't call that live to me that is false... Read more

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Hulu is rediculous. If you cannot maintain adequate server bandwidth for all of your users how about you use some of the cash you extort from us on a daily basis to upgrade your ***. I pay for your service, and cough up a hefty premium for excelent internet speeds. Yet I can not even finish 1 half hour episode without having to reload your app twice for "having troubles comunicating with our... Read more

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I purchased Hulu plus so that i can watch tv shows and movies similar to netflix, to which i am also a paid subscriber, while i am away from home on my laptop. However, you must still log into another paid cable service to watch programming on hulu plus. As i am simply away from my house which services me Dish network via satellite and a DVR which i can record several shows at a time. I guess i... Read more

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Hulu is a ripoff like watching a video on dial up. Horrible company, Add comment

As a recovering alcoholic, its is so difficult to see the stella atrois beer commercial every 5 minutes. Why didn't hulu think of this. It makes me want to discontinue service entirely. Add comment


I cancelled my subscription in july. HULU verified my cancellation. HULU continued to bill me. I complained. HULU sent a verification of cancellation email and that the overcharges would be returned. A week later HULU emailed that the problem was fixed and asked if I would confirm. I emailed back over 10 times that it was not fixed and I was still being billed. HULU never replied. If it was... Read more

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I can not stand the fact that I pay for a service that keeps putting more ads on every day. Some ads are louder than others, and all they do is replay the same adds over and over. I thought we paid for a service that would get rid of the ads. Not to mention my shows cut out and freeze up from time to time. So disappointed with this service. Add comment

This is ridiculous I am on my trial week thank god I didn't actually pay for this because it sucks my Internet connection is fine but the show cuts out all the time and then it will stop out of nowhere and then starts again from where I have already seen this is such a waste of money and time I wouldn't suggest this crappy service to anyone Add comment

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