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Hulu Plus
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I can not stand the fact that I pay for a service that keeps putting more ads on every day. Some ads are louder than others, and all they do is replay the same adds over and over. I thought we paid for a service that would get rid of the ads. Not to mention my shows cut out and freeze up from time to time. So disappointed with this service. Add comment

This is ridiculous I am on my trial week thank god I didn't actually pay for this because it sucks my Internet connection is fine but the show cuts out all the time and then it will stop out of nowhere and then starts again from where I have already seen this is such a waste of money and time I wouldn't suggest this crappy service to anyone Add comment


I was searching for the full length version of the "Rocky Horror Picture Show"...Hulu was at the top of the list for options...when I clicked on it, I was presented with a list of "swiffer" cleaning products...***!!! I will NEVER use Hulu as a search option, as it is obvious they are a "third party lure" to suck people in and sell their interests to other sources. BEWARE!!! TOTAL FRAUD!!! To... Read more

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It told me no ads but this happens every time and it last for 2 minutes and then it shows twice...very annoying. Then during a show, it freezes and the audio goes on with a still picture. Sometimes the video gets all messed up and weird looking, and I have to refresh. I know the internet isn't the problem because It happened at several different places I went to. The shows don't even last long... Read more

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I do not mind the ads as much but I really do mind that some ads like the Emirates ad is extremely louder then any other ad. It also goes past the time counter allowed for it by 15-20secs. Also when I hit is this add relevant to you, it seems to ignore what I want or on some ads, like the capital one ads where it has to have some *** snappy comment about is it relevant to me. I will probably go... Read more

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Streaming has been awful! Keeps loading...then returns to a black screen stating failure. Internet connection is fine..wifi through the house is working perfectly. It's streaming directly through the blueray player and should not continue to have this issue. Netflix might be our next step!! Very unsatisfied. Add comment


Hulu is a scam! Almost every single one of the shows they want you to actually PAY FOR, you can find and watch for FREE on YouTube. And without all of the commercials! Tell you one thing, I'm not paying for anything that makes you watch commercials. I thought that's why we pay, to get rid of the *** commercials. Sorry Hulu, but I'll go with Netflix all day before that pathetic website. If i... Read more

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Restarted my HuluPlus this evening. Found that although they advertise that they are carrying the first 5 episodes of this season's "Sons of Anarchy" they actually DON'T have permission to share the show. Bait And Switch. Rude customer services adds to the poor service. When I asked to speak with a supervisor, the customer service rep, (Ben), left me on hold and never came back after 10 minutes... Read more

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